Hardwood Floor Refinishing Summerville, SC

Premium Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Summerville

Ever searched for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Summerville SC just to find a mess of confusing results? Luckily, Fabulous Floors Charleston is here to make your choice easy. We’re here to provide you with the high-quality wood renewal services you need!

Give Your Hardwood Floors in Summerville the Love They Deserve

Are you looking for the absolute best hardwood floor refinishing Summerville has to offer? Fabulous Floors Charleston is exactly what you need! We are your trusted source for wood floor refinishing in the area. Featuring expert technicians and years of experience, we help you get the home you’ve always wanted.

hardwood floor refinishing summerville sc

Our top priority is customer service. Here at Fabulous Floors Charleston, our goal is to provide a service that stands out from the rest. Because of that, we have only the best individuals in your home with all the proper knowledge necessary to answer questions and get you the right service specific to your individual home. You can trust us when it comes to wood floor refinishing in Summerville.

How Our Summerville Wood Floor Refinishing Service Works

While it’s true you could tackle a wood floor refinishing project on your own, it can lead to odors, messes, and headaches. Many DIY projects draw out longer than expected. We’ll turn the project into a dream, not a nightmare, with our simple 4-step process. First, our experts evaluate your home wood flooring, explaining in detail our process, answering any specific questions you might have (again, each job is different, and we want you to have the individual care you deserve). Second, we use our state-of-the-art sanding equipment to remove the typical scratches, bumps, and dents that come from day-to-day life. Third, and this is the fun part, we then stain your wood floor with your chosen color. This lets you get creative and involved! Finally, once the stain dries, we apply our polyurethane finish to “seal the deal”, protecting your floor from damage in the future while also making your floor shine.

  1. Evaluate your floor and explain the entire process of refinishing, while answering any and all questions you may have.
  2. Professional sanding equipment is used to remove any scratches, dents or dings.
  3. Stain your wood flooring with a color you love (this makes for exciting and new color combinations).
  4. Once dry, we apply a long-lasting polyurethane finish to protect from future damage and extend the shine.

This process usually takes just a couple days (rather than some DIY projects taking weeks or even months!). On top of that, we are Greenguard Certified. This means that our entire service (from start to finish) will be safe for you, your loved ones, AND the environment, all while helping you achieve the look you’ve always wanted!

Don’t wait to refinish your hardwood flooring. Give us a call today at (843) 212-7722, and receive a free, no-obligation price quote!

hardwood floor refinishing summerville sc

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Summerville SC

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