Hardwood Floor Refinishing Goose Creek, SC

Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service in Goose Creek, SC

hardwood floor refinishing goose creek sc

If your floors are looking worn, it’s time to find the best hardwood floor refinishing Goose Creek SC has to offer! Rather than removing or replacing your floors, consider Fabulous Floors Charleston‘s affordable and professional hardwood refinishing process. Fabulous Floors uses a time-proven technique for hardwood floor refinishing in Goose Creek, SC. We offer you outstanding service and incredible results at the best price. We have top of the line equipment combined with highly skilled technicians. After having us in your home, you will see why we receive so many positive reviews and perhaps want to leave one of your own. Give us a call to set up a visit with the representatives from Fabulous Floors Charleston today and see what a difference some beautifully-refinished hardwood floors can make in your Goose Creek home.

Our Goose Creek Wood Floor Refinishing Process

We have mastered the art of wood floor refinishing through a simple process. Here is a brief overview of our process:

  1. First, choose to receive an estimate. We recommend calling our office for an initial price estimate prior to our appointment so that you can get a rough estimate of how much the project will cost based on the services you need.
  2. Second, we eliminate any remaining carpet. After we arrive, we’ll take note of what carpeting and other bonding materials will need to be removed in order to complete our work on your hardwood floors. We use a specially designed solution that helps detach any of the sticky residue left behind by the carpeting. After that is done, we scrape away the residue, ensuring that all remnants of the carpet and pad are removed.
  3. Third, it’s time for sanding & stain. We’ll prepare your existing wood floors for a make-over by taking a sander to them, which eliminates any small dings or scratches. We then stain the wood with the color you’ve selected.
  4. Lastly, we apply the finish. We add as many coats needed (typically no more than two) of our polyurethane treatment to give your floors that beautiful shine and to help protect against any future scratches.

hardwood floor refinishing goose creek sc


Call us today at 843-212-7722 to learn more about how we can make your hardwood floors can look like new again. Get a free price quote here. We look forward to serving our friends in Goose Creek, SC!

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